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By the time girls are in third or fourth grade, “constant conversation about other kids (otherwise known as gossip) becomes the glue of many friendships and can become a real problem.Girls know that they are being talked about by other girls and it worries them,” says Michael Thompson, “but it can become a real problem when it gets mean.We really are deeply grateful- only wish all kids could get an education like this.The social and power struggles that began in preschool get more dramatic, more important and more complicated as girls go into elementary school.Services might include any combination of individual, family, group and medication management.The clinical team will help determine the best level of care for a child.Girls between the ages of seven and ten can play together for hours.They love to engage in fantasy play with dolls, puppets, and other objects that they turn into whatever they want them to be.

Our students receive highly specialized instructional services with a maximum of 1:4 staff-to-student ratio, assuring each child the tailored attention needed to reduce frustration and foster success.Friendship Academy offers a psychiatric hospital program that provides intensive treatment during the day to children and adolescents.The treatment program emphasizes a skill based approach, including emotional management and problem solving.D, co-author of Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health and Leadership.“In these instances, parents can butt out — just be there to help your daughter make play dates and get to them.” The nature of girls’ play evolves in elementary school.

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