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Is that so terrible that you have to get little digs in every week?

That's the problem with you liberals—you're a bunch of wimps. Make America Strong Again Gee, I don't recall any whining from you right-wing he-men back when a black guy who didn't collude with a hostile foreign power and wasn't poisoning our air and water and didn't undermine our Democratic norms and wasn't surrounded by a cadre of deeply corrupt sycophants was president—you guys were so stoic during the Obama years, so he-manly.

However, you can create bad karma by doing harmful things to yourself or others. When I did past life regressions years ago the stories and details that people brought back were nothing short of astonishing!

But the best part about tapping into your past lives is Karmic blocks are those pesky things that we experience in our current lifetime and hold us back from being, doing and having as much as we were born to have!

Doesn't Instinctively Capture Photographic Instant Classics, Sadly You could tell your boyfriend you made a joint appointment with a photographer—perhaps as a Hanukkah/Solstice/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Ramadan present—because you thought you should both have Sears-Portrait-Studio-quality-or-better dick pics to share with your prospective hookups, DICPICS, or you could let your boyfriend's hookups be pleasantly surprised when your boyfriend drops his drawers.

Are you really whining about having a president you don't like in office?

We have had an open relationship from fairly early on, but it's only in the last six months that he's started using various gentlemen's apps for meeting new guys.

We don't share apps or have threesomes; our dalliances are solo affairs and that works for us.

Keyboardist Phillip Tubbs wanted to share a Morrissey line with you: "'Cause I want the one I can't have and it's driving me mad." Lead singer Greg Gonzalez declined to comment. Maybe it's not an accident that you keep falling for lesbians.

You'll feel better, be at peace and you'll enjoy life more.

Not only that, quite often the adjustment is so minor you'll wonder why it took you so long to discover it!

We had a healing session, helped her clear this block and move forward.

As a result, she made a conscience choice to stop ‘hating' people with money.

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  1. Not really surprising, given the clunkiness of filters and proliferation of internet-enabled devices in homes. Twenty-five per cent of televisions sold in the US last year were internet enabled and the adoption curve in Britain is not far behind. But last month Talk-Talk (the only British telecoms company run by a woman) announced that it was close to introducing a home network level filter that overcomes many technical objections.

  2. Ended game with over 30k but got the rose red top 3 times even after I purchased it. Jordan and the rest of the artwork is good, if not on par with things like Nite with Kelly or Christine and others, but still worth a look.