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The way activists of the regressive left achieve silence or censorship is by creating a taboo, and one of the most pernicious taboos in operation today is the word “Islamophobia.” Islamists are similarly motivated to rule any critical scrutiny of Islamic doctrine out of order.There is now a university center (funded by Saudi money) in the U. dedicated to monitoring and denouncing incidences of “Islamophobia.”The term “Islamophobia” is used against critics of political Islam, but also against progressive reformers within Islam.As political divisions in America have deepened, a conformist mentality of “right thinking” has spread across the country.Increasingly, American universities, where no intellectual doctrine ought to escape critical scrutiny, are some of the most restrictive domains when it comes to asking open-ended questions on subjects such as Islam. has avoided unpredictable Canadian-style restrictions on speech, for example.In April, COMMENTARY asked a wide variety of writers, thinkers, and broadcasters to respond to this question: Is free speech under threat in the United States? ” Some of the president’s threats against the institution of the press, wittingly or not, have been simply preposterous. Or, as Michael Gerson put it in the Washington Post: Will Trump “go beyond mere Twitter abuse and move against institutions that limit his power?Legally, speech in the United States is protected to a degree unmatched in almost any industrialized country. I remain optimistic that as long as we have the First Amendment in the U.

So his objection to the rules governing libel law is to nothing less than the application of the First Amendment itself.

But the guidelines are none too protective and are, after all, simply guidelines.

A new administration is free to change or limit them or, in fact, abandon them altogether.

As such, it remains a half-open door through which an administration that is hostile to free speech might walk.

Such an administration could initiate criminal proceedings against journalists who write about defense- or intelligence-related topics on the basis that classified information was leaked to them by present or former government employees.

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In other areas, however, the Trump administration has far more power to imperil free speech.

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