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We suggest going early Friday-Sunday to get a better selection that hasn’t been picked over.Believe it or not, this frequently turns into a a full day of fun.With restaurants, retailf shops, and Four Corners Brewery, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied all day.The giant patio out has amazing views of the skyline.Here is just a sample list of 100 date night ideas that you could do in Dallas.Some of these are generic enough you can do them in any city.Location: Downtown to SMU [MAP] Price: FREE When: Always Take a walk, jog, or bike along this beautiful pedestrian trail that runs through the heart of Dallas.The Katy Trail was once an eyesore of unused railroad tracks that were converted in the early 2000’s.

Location: 315 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218 Price: Single Rides .99/Hr – Tandem /Hr When: Wed-Sun 10am-Sundown Grab your family or a couple friends and head to White Rock Lake to enjoy this beautiful urban oasis smack dab in the middle of Dallas.

If you are a business that wants to let me know that you can provide services for any of these ideas also let me know and contact me.

We all know that feeling you get when Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?

Thomas flows Me, my niggas and some Madonna hoes That look just like virgins but trust they down to go Discussing life and all our common goals Smart kids that smoke weed, honor roll Look how the champagne diamonds glow Fine dining pour another glass when the wine is low I'm in the crib stacking money from here to the ceiling Whatever it is I got, it's clearly appealing These other rappers getting that inferior feeling I hope you feel it in your soul, spiritual healing Take a look at yourself, the mirror's revealing If you ain't got it, you ain't got it the theory is brilliant People ask how music is going, I heard it pays I just came off making two million in 30 days Damn, "I guess it does" is what the message was Sometimes I feel I be spending my money just because With Weezy I'm just out here repping us 'til I get to shake the hand of the man that's blessing us Yeah, I know these niggas miss the mean lyrics Kush got the room smelling like teen spirit I ask kindly if no one out here would bring defeat up Until I lose, for now I'm the game's single leader I fly private so no one tells me to bring my seat up And book a suite where me and your favorite singer meet up Who you like, tell me who it is I'mma make sure that that woman is the next one on my list I should call it a night, but fuck it I can't resist This one is for all the niggas from my city trying to diss Without a response from me you really fail to exist And I love to see you fail, that feeling there is the shit I swear, pussy nigga get your bread up Enjoy the seat that the stewardess just forced your ass to let up Why your scary ass looking down, pick ya head up No one told you your disguise was the most ridiculous get-up?

With nose-plugs in now, I can smell the set-up So you just wasting your time, you only making me better, yeah I try to tell them don't judge me because you heard stuff Chase N.

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